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Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab

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Onyxa’s Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab: A Tribute to Time-Honored Elegance
Introducing the Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab from Onyxa, a magnificent embodiment of classical beauty and contemporary resilience. As a prestigious porcelain slab supplier in Toronto, Onyxa is committed to crafting surfaces that harmoniously blend the allure of ancient artistry with modern-day functionality. The Marmo Antico slab is a shining example of this commitment, offering a distinguished and robust surface choice for various design projects.

Design and Aesthetics: The Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab is inspired by the rich legacy of antique marble, renowned for its deep, warm hues and intricate veining. This porcelain interpretation captures the essence of these timeless stones, presenting an aesthetic that is both regal and inviting. The slab’s intricate patterns and nuanced color palette make it perfect for crafting spaces that exude an air of sophistication and historical charm. Whether used for opulent kitchen countertops, grand bathroom vanities, or as striking flooring, the Marmo Antico slab adds depth and character to any interior.

Durability and Quality: Upholding Onyxa’s ethos of excellence, the Marmo Antico slab is designed for longevity. Crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, it is built to endure the demands of both residential and commercial use, ensuring a lasting and valuable addition to any space. Rigorous quality control ensures each slab maintains its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time.

Functional Benefits: Beyond its visual splendor, the Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab offers practical advantages. Its surface is highly resistant to stains and scratches, making it an ideal, low-maintenance option for high-traffic areas. The non-porous nature of the slab guarantees a hygienic surface, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance, especially in kitchen and bathroom settings.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: In alignment with Onyxa’s commitment to environmental stewardship, the production of the Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab adheres to eco-conscious practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Conclusion and Call-to-Action: Discover the historic elegance of Onyxa’s Marmo Antico Porcelain Slab. Contact us for a personalized quote, and let this exquisite slab infuse your project with its rich, timeless charm and modern functionality.

Porcelain Slab Features

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Strong & Durable

Onyxa Porcelain is designed to stand up against the toughest wear, and is guaranteed to stay stable over time. UV resistant, non-absorbent, withstanding of sudden temperature changes, and fireproof – our porcelain is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, whatever the application may be.

premium Material

Porcelain slabs options offer luxurious and grand design choices for creating elegant looking spaces. Create a deluxe yet comfortable environment, without compromising on durability.

Stain & Scratch Resistant

From hallways with heavy foot traffic, to bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops Onyxa Porcelain is resilient and versatile. Our Porcelain is tough against food and liquid spills, as well as external wear and tear.

Hygienic & Non-porous

Whether it’s a bathroom vanity or a kitchen countertop, you can rest assured knowing your porcelain material is hygienic and non-porous, meaning it won’t discolour or weaken over time.


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